About Springfield Christians

Our goal is to help you discover the truth of God’s Word in a loving environment so you can deepen your walk with Christ and let Him fill the void in your life.

We Know What It’s Like to Feel Empty and Not Be Able to Draw Closer to God

If you’re like us, you’ve felt like something is missing in your life. You’ve likely wondered if there was a church that could help put you on a path to filling that void.

You want to find true fulfillment. It’s wrong that the devil is fighting hard to stop you. We understand how hard the battle is, and our hearts go out to you.

Meet Ken and Penny

For more than three decades Ken McDaniel, the evangelist with the Springfield Christians, has preached the gospel all over the world with the help of his loving wife, Penny. They have a passion to help people just like you quench the emptiness in their heart by deepening their relationship with Christ.

Ken and Penny established the congregation in 2015 to be a church that is after the pattern of the New Testament. With God’s help, they have built a loving church that teaches and practices the truth.

Our Beliefs

We believe the Bible is the word of God. In it, God has made himself known to His creation.

The Old Testament shows us where we came from. We see how man’s relationship to our Creator has been ruined by sin. We also see God’s promise of reconciliation through Jesus Christ.

The New Testament is God’s record of Jesus in the flesh and of the establishment of His kingdom. God promises eternity in Heaven for those who are reconciled to Him through the blood of His Son.

We believe Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ promised in the Old Testament, that He lived a perfect life in flesh and blood, died for the sins of all mankind, was buried, arose and ascended to God’s right hand as our Lord.

According to the New Testament, Jesus will reign over his kingdom until the judgment day. That’s when time will end and all mankind will be divided into either eternal bliss around God’s throne, or eternal punishment in a fury of fire.

Until then, Jesus requires that we come to repentance, submit to baptism in water for remission of our sins, and become part of his church. We are to live faithfully and endeavor to bring others into his kingdom as well.

We are Committed to Helping You Draw Closer to God So You Can Stop Feeling Empty and Can Have Eternal Life

To help you get started, we invite you to…

1. Plan Your Visit

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2. Worship in Spirit and Truth

Our loving environment, easy-to-follow teaching, and refreshingly simple worship will build you up and encourage you.

3. Find Fulfillment

Our goal is for you to leave our services with a deeper sense of fulfillment in the Lord and a closer relationship with Him. 

Once you visit our services, you’ll have taken the first step to finding fulfillment, drawing closer to God, and ensuring you’re saved. We believe you don’t have to feel empty. We are here to help you learn the truth of God’s word in a loving environment so you can know Him better.

Visit our services so we can get started strengthening and encouraging you!


1939 S. Pasfield, Springfield, IL 62704