A Loving Church That Teaches and Practicesthe Truth

1939 S. Pasfield St., Springfield, IL 62704

Sundays at 9:30 a.m. | Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.

Learn The Truth

Develop Real Relationships

Draw Closer To God

Do You Feel Unfulfilled?

Can you identify with any of the following?

“I feel an emptiness that has me wondering what’s missing in my life.”

“I just need more more Jesus, more God, more instruction, more edification.”

“My church isn’t saying or doing the things I’m reading in the Bible.”

“Church becomes socializing and entertainment more than anything.”

“I’m turned off by all the phoniness I see in churches today.”

“The preacher lets you do anything under the sun as long as you put in a tithe.”

You don’t have to feel empty. Visit the Springfield Christians and draw near to the Lord by learning the truth of God’s Word in a loving environment.

Deepen Your Relationship With Christ Together With a Loving Church That Teaches and Practices the Truth

Learn the Truth

Learn the truth and get fed from the Word. Everything we teach can be found in the Bible. And we do our best to make big spiritual concepts small enough to be understood.

Develop Real Relationships

Develop real relationships with a group of like-minded Christians who desire to deepen their walk with God. We hope you will see Christ in the way we live and how we love others, including you.

Draw Closer to God

We’re here to help you quench the emptiness that has you wondering what you’re missing out on. Only God can fill that void. Our goal is to draw closer to Him and help you do the same.

Meet Ken and Penny

Ken McDaniel, evangelist with the Springfield Christians, has been preaching the gospel in several countries for over three decades with the loving support of his wife Penny. They would be honored to help you learn the truth and draw closer to God.

Hear From the Members

What Makes Springfield Christians Different?

You want to draw closer to God. In order to do that, you need to be part of a loving church that teaches and practices the truth. The problem is, churches like that are hard to find, which can make you want to give up.

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Church shouldn’t be about money, smoke machines, or getting bodies in the building. People-pleasing churches can cause truth-seekers like you to feel empty. You may feel deep down that you’re missing out on something.

We understand your struggle. Ken McDaniel, evangelist with the Springfield Christians, has taught the gospel for more than thirty years all over the world. He and his wife Penny established Springfield Christians in 2015 to be a church that follows the pattern revealed in the New Testament.

We strive to be a loving church that teaches and practices the truth, and we’re here to help you:

  • learn the truth
  • develop real relationships
  • draw closer to God

If that’s what you’re looking for and have been praying for, come visit us anytime. We’d be honored to have you. We hope and pray God can use us to help you stop feeling unfulfilled and start deepening your walk with Christ.

Next Steps

1. Plan Your Visit

Click the "New Visitor" button to plan your visit and discover more about what you can expect in our assemblies.

2. Worship in Spirit and Truth

Our loving environment, easy-to-follow teaching, and refreshingly simple worship will build you up and encourage you.

3. Find Fulfillment

Our goal is for you to leave our services with a deeper sense of fulfillment in the Lord and a closer relationship with Him. 


1939 S. Pasfield, Springfield, IL 62704